Belgium says captured Paris suspect Abdeslam may have planned more attacks

Brussels: The investigating officers were told that Salah Abdeslam- suspected planner in the Paris Bombing was planning the new operations from Brussels and also he has likely to access to several weapons. The information was revealed by the Foreign minister of Belgium, yesterday, 20th March.

It was revealed further by the Foreign Minister- Didier Reynders that Salah Abdeslam had claimed that he was planning something to be started from the Brussels. And the minister sought to maintain that the same would be the reality.

Further, the minister- Reynders have also considered the claim with credibility as the investigators have found much weapons, in the first probe. Also minister further reveals that the they have seen a new people’s network surrounding Abdeslam in Brussels.

The terror planner- Abdeslam was took in custody on last Friday by the Police in its raid which was implemented in Brussels. Further, on Saturday, he was charged by the Belgian authorities with the “terrorist murder”.

Notably, the accused- Abdeslam was the key suspect in the November 13 attacks in Paris, wherein, over a hundred of people (130 about) were put to dead.

At the Marshall Fund Conference, the foreign minister- Reynders was speaking to the Security experts, where he told that there were thirty or more people found involved in the terrorist attacks in Paris, however, he further sought to maintain that there are some others too.

Moreover, it was seen that the concerned foreign minister- Reynders was urging the law enforcement, European intelligence, and authorities at border, that they should exchange more relevant information, which would be served helpful for tracking the other suspected ones.

Also, in the recommendations which the International Police agency made, it is said that there should be closer checks at border areas, mainly in connection with the stolen passport. It was believed that the attackers in the November 13 attack, the accomplices would have travelled on illegal, false or stolen documents.

Moreover, there was seen a legal threat which the lawyer of the Abdeslam was found stating that he would launch legal action against the French prosecutor, who accused him for the act of breaching the confidentiality of the investigation into deadly rampage in Paris.

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