Big- B, Mr. Bachchan seeks to deny any connection with the offshore companies: He suggests there must be “misused” of name

Amitabh Bachchan

Bollywood: Yesterday, i.e. on fifth day of April, the bollywood’s mega star- Amitabh Bachchan preferred his response to the report where this start was named as director of 4 offshore shipping companies which are registered in the British Virgin Islands and the Bahamas. In response, the bollywood’s Big B- Mr. Bhachchan seeks to deny any sort of connection with such companies.

Moreover, the mega start also sought to say that “it is possible that my (Amitabh Bhachchan) name has been misused”.

The said report through which the bollywood’s big start was named as director of such four offshore companies, was published in the Indian Express, and now Mr. Bachchan found stated that, “In any event, the news report in Indian Express does not even suggest any illegality on my part”.  Also he said that he even does not know any of such companies which the news report suggested as in my name.

The companies which were stated as having connection with the Big B- Mr. Bachchan were named by the news agency as the ‘Sea Bulk Shipping Company Ltd’, ‘Lady Shipping Ltd’, ‘Treasure Shipping Ltd’, and ‘Tramp Shipping Ltd’. He against sought to clear that there is no connection with such companies and he has never been “a director of any of the above stated companies”.

The actor- Mr. Bachchan also make it clear by saying that he has already paid all his taxes in which he included all his monies spent by him overseas, also what monies he have remitted overseas have also been in compliance with law, wherein one can point his remittances through LRS. Thus, all types of taxes to which he was bound under the law, he claims to have been paid by him. As such there is no illegality in his part, as he suggests.

It is reported in the concerned new report that the records of Mossack Fonseca show that the concerned four companies, to which the Bachchan sahab was, reportedly appointed as director, were registered in tax havens.

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