Bihar road rage: Bihar MLC’s Son- Rocky Confessed his shooting teenager for overtaking his SUV


Gaya: In connection with the case of the Janata Dal (united) party’s MLC- Manorama Devi’s son’s alleged road rage murder, a sensational development was seen when the said Son- Rocky Yadav has confessed that he shot a teenager for overtaking his SUV, as per the Police’s information.

The present development was seen in connection with the case where the young boy of Nineteen- year- old was shot dead by said accused- son- Rocky Yadav last week, in this month. Moreover, the sources from the Police officials also found stated that the license of the Gun held by Rocky at the time of alleged incident, will now be suspended soon possible. Moreover, the sources also added that the said gun was procured by him in the year 2013 and it was for protecting himself, in case of any Naxalist’s attack.

Moreover, it is now well confirm that, the bullet found by the Forensic Science Laboratory- FSL in the body of said Youth was having connection with the gun held by the Rocky Yadav. However, earlier, the said MLC’s son- Rocky Yadav also found claiming that he had never fired any shots, and also not he had gone into hiding. But now, when his gun’s bullet was found in the body of the said deceased- boy, the said accused- Rocky Yadav had no options to confess his committed crime.

When the accused- Rocky was asked that ‘the police have said that he has confessed to the crime, he responded saying that “just because someone says it does not make it true and it is also false that I was in hiding as I was in Delhi. My mother called me to come here and then I surrendered before the police.” As such, taking note of such statements from the Rocky Yadav, the controversy still exists that, whether Police or Rocky disclosing false?

Moreover, Rocky also found stated in the court he would disclose his side. Also he claimed that he never fired any shots at the youth. But Police claiming opposite. As Garima Malik- Senior Superintendent of Police- SSP from Gaya found claiming that the Janata Dal (United) leader’s Son- Rocky Yadav had confessed the fact of committing the crime.

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