Bihar’s Alcohol ban extends to second oldest United Spirits’ unit

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Patna: Bihar State’s decision to ban the sale and consumptions of the alcohol has forced many big units to stop their business in the state territory. Moreover, as per the reports, the said ban has now extended and forced the second- oldest liquor unit of United Spirits in the country, which is located at Hathidah in Mokama to stop its production activity.

The concerned unit of United Spirits was making the liquor for the sale purpose and also it is actually located about sixty kilometres west of the State Capital. And this unit was established by the present liquor baron- Vijay Mallya’s father Vittal Mallya and now this Mallya is holding only four per cents of the stakes in the said United Spirits, as it was taken over by the Diageo.

However, it is notable here that the policy of the State Government held the said Unit, for the management, as unfavourable for the production.

Specifying the status and level of the said Hathidah unit, a liquor trader, namely, Daljit Singh stated that the said unit was “fondly termed the ‘Golden Bird’ of the United Breweries Group by Mallya senior for its fine blend. And this was due to the water quality that sent the McDowell brand soaring high on popularity charts.”

It was earlier seen in this connection, that the said unit previously survived of the impact of the prohibition which was firstly introduced in the year 1977. But this time, the unit is not at the same power to prove itself lucky, even though the said unit is having valid licence for the production of liquor in the year 2016- 2017.

Notably, the said unit is having about six hundred and above regular and contract employees. Moreover, in its comments the executive of the Company stated that “what will we do with the licence when they have cancelled 19C?” the said 19C means the permit for the supply to the Bihar State Beverages Corporation”

Moreover, it is also pointed that with the impending layoff, the employees’ union has stepped up its demand for favourable compensation package.

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