Bihar’s Manorama Devi’s Son shot a 19-year-old dead in Gaya, allegedly after his SUV was overtaken

Aditya Sachdeva

Gaya; Bihar: Yesterday, on Saturday, 7th May, in the night time, the Janata Dal (United) Politician’s Son shot dead a nineteen- year- old boy, after he overtook the SUV in which he was travelling.

In the incident it was noted that a son of prominent businessman, who is named here as Aditya Sachdeva was travelling in his Swift car, along with his friends while so, suddenly, as it is alleged, when he overtook the Range Rover who was belonging to the Janata Dal (United) leader- Manorama Devi’s family. It was seen that in the said SUV car, a son of Manorama Devi was travelling along with a security guard provided by the Bihar Police for the Politician.  The said son of Manorama Devi is named here as Rocky.

While, so after such overtaken of the Car by the Aditya’s car, the said son of Manorama Devi and his guard started firing allegedly in the air for stopping the Swift car driven Aditya and his friends. The said instances of the incident had been narrated before the police officials by the frinds of businessman’s son- Aditya.

In his words, the friend of Aditya said that “we were returning from the Bodh Gaya. Soon after we overtook their (Rocky’s) Range Rover, they started firing in the air and made us stop. Then they forced us to get out of the car and started punching us. When we tried to leave the spot, someone fired and my friend got hit.”

It is notable here that the said Son- Rocky is the Son of Ms Manorama Devi a leading politician and also member of Legislative Council of Bihar. Manorama’s Husband Bindi Yadav is a “notorious” strongman. Rocky being her son, after such incident, is on the run and escaping the arrest, while his guard, Mr. Yadav and Rajesh Kumar who were accompanied with him, at the time of incident occurred, were detained by the Police officials from the Rampur Police Station area.

Notably again, the said businessman’s Son- Aditya has recently given his class twelve exams, and he was celebrating his birthday, and thereafter he was returning from the event.

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