Bihar’s MLC’s Son arrested, two days after he allegedly shot dead a teenager


Gaya: After several raids by the Police to the search Rocky Yadav- a son of Bihar’s Lawmaker- Manorama Devi, he was arrested in the night of yesterday, i.e. on Monday, 9th May in connection with the charges of murder of a nineteen- year- old teenager- Aditya Sachdeva, allegedly for over-training his SUV in Gaya.

The information of his arrest was reportedly given by the Police officials and it was seen that the said son of ruling party leader in Bihar was arrested after two days, from the day on which he allegedly shot a teenager dead.

The said Member of Legislative Council’s Son- Rocky Yadav was driving SUV- Range Rover and his vehicle was overtaken by the said Youth- Aditya and on such issue, Rocky stopped the Swift car driven Aditya and his friends and later he allegedly shot Aditya to death. Rocky Yadav had been on the run since Saturday night.

The said son of lawmaker is only thirty- year- old and his mother, namely, Manorama Devi is a member of legislative council from the Janata Dal United Party, which is the party belonging to Bihar Chief Minister- Nitish Kumar.

While explaining the instances of his arrest and proceedings, the Police officer- Garima Mallick found stated today, on 10th May that “Rocky has confessed to the crime. He was arrested with his weapon. His SUV has also been seized.”

Moreover, the sources from the Police officials found stated that the said accused- Rocky Yadav was arrested after, his mother- Manorma Devi was interrogated for hours at her home based at Gaya. It is also shown from the sources that accused found in the factory which is situated on the road to Bodh Gaya, which is located after twenty- five kilometres from Gaya Town.

Earlier, when the said lawmaker- Manorama Devi was asked to comment on the arrest of her husband, Bindeshwari Prasad Yadav- the father of accused- Rocky, she said that she was unhappy for such arrest of her husband, on the ground that he had been helping his son to escape.

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