BJP Government set to go ahead with GST Bill, despite Congress’s strong opposition

Arun Jaitley

New Delhi: Despite a very strong opposition by the Congress and particularly by its Vice- President- Rahul Gandhi, the Government remained firm on its decision to move ahead with the Goods and Services Tax Bill- GST Bill in the Rajya Sabha. The information to this effect revealed by the Union Finance Minister- Arun Jaitely, when he was interacting with a group of media persons at the event organised by BJP.

Moreover, for bringing the said Goods and Services Tax law, the government, as per Arun Jaitely would be expected to amend the Constitutional provisions by enacting the Constitution Amendment Bill. The said Bill for GST would be replacing the Central and State level taxes and it will of course simplify both collection and compliance of the taxes.

It is also confirmed by the Finance Minister that except the Congress party, almost all the parties have supported this Bill. And as per Jaitely, the Congress has take an unreasonable stand.

As per Minister- Jaitley, the Congress is raising the contentious issue of including the 18 per cent of cap within the Bill. He later added a question that “How can any party take the position that a cap on tax should be placed in such an amendment,” also asked that “if tomorrow there was a drought in ten states and the Centre wanted to impose a higher GST for a temporary period, would it be able to do it if it has to amend the Constitution?

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