BJP’s Ram Naik alleges former MP- Govinda as he took help from Underworld for defeating him in 2004 elections

Uttar Pradesh Governor Sri Ram Naik

Mumbai: The former Member of Parliament and the Bollywood’s well known personality/ star- Govinda is levelled with the allegations which the veteran Bhartiya Janata Party and the Governor of Uttar Pradesh- Ram Naik has preferred against, that the said Govinda took help from underworld don Dawood Ibrahim for defeating him in the elections of Lok Sabha in the year 2004.

Not only this, as per the allegations certain claims were also preferred against Govinda, as he was a friend of Dawood Ibrahim- the underworld don, as well as Hiten Thakur- a builder who aided him in terrorising voters for defeating him in the year 2004’s elections of Lok Sabha in the Mumbai North.

The said levelling of the allegations by the BJP’s leader- Naik is reported by the Indian news daily agency. And such allegations have been levelled by Naik in his memoir Chaireveti (Keep Moving) written in Marathi. The said book is released in Mumbai, in the last week, and it contains such allegations.

Ram Naik who was earlier a Union Minister, in his book also found contented that it was difficult for him to come to terms with his defeat by just only 11,000 votes.

While talking with the media, he also said that “I have no hesitation in bringing this on record that Mr. Govinda had contacts with Dons like Dawood and Hiten Thakur, who later became an MLA.” He also added that “He (Govinda) used their (Dawood and Hiten Thakur) muscle power for poll votes against me (Naik) and in his favour.”

However, when the instances of such allegations were brought to the knowledge of the Bollywood’s actor- Govinda he preferred to deny the same, and found stated that it was the people who had ensured his victory. He also sought to say that “Does Ram Naik mean that the people of the constituency were sold into the hands of the underworld? Please do not insult anyone by saying such things.”

Moreover, the Govinda also found asking the BJP leader- Naik to the effect that not to damage his image and create hurdles in his film career.

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