Bollywood Actor- Emraan Hashmi’s son made him Better person

New Delhi: Emraan Hashmi- one of the top actor in Bollywood becomes “better person” and it is happened as his son- Ayaan who has made him to be a better person and also a responsible father, also he tough him to “never give up”.

Actor Hashmi has disclosed this fact, while he was addressing a panel discussion on Parenthood at 2016’s Spring Fever. He further found telling that his son- Ayaan has “given birth to a new me”. He added that the his son made him a better person and also taught him that “life will hit you, it will knock you down on the floor, but you have to get up, stumble, fall again and then get up, but never give up”. It is truly appearing great message for all those who are struggling for making their lives better.

It is notable that the book- The Kiss of Life, which is brought from the Jannat actor who unveiled the first loo of his book and this is about the hardships, which he and his wife faced while they were diagnosing their son with cancer at his age of 4 years in the year- 2014. The book is scheduled to be released by Penguin India in April, this year.

While, the actor told he would be required to go for some counselling, as the incident of his son’s treatment of cancer, has left “deeper psychological impact” on him. It was actually asked to him that how he had managed for keeping himself calm while there being a period of treatment of his son.

He praised the ability of women to be emotionally stronger, than men, as he saw his wife- Parveen who showed extraordinary strength. He even compared his emotional strength with that of the emotional strength of women, and said that when he and his wife came to know about the fact of cancer which their son was facing, his wife did not cry, however, Hashmi burst into tears.

Hashmi currently, said to be busy in his shooting for Azhar, which is a biopic on former Indian cricketer Mohammad Azharuddin.

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