Bollywood Actress- Sunny Leone denies the incident of Slapping so called Journalist

Bollywood: Sunny Leone, a name in recently, grown-up in the Bollywood industry as an actress, who had reportedly slapped a person who stated to be a journalist, on his question. Now she is denying the fact of slapping the fake journalist. Sunny Leone- a former adult film start, now bollywood actor was attending a media talk in Holi event, a day before yesterday, in Surat and meanwhile a person posed as reporter asked her a question, consequent upon what, she reportedly slapped him.

In the question it was reported that a so called journalist had asked her a question that “You were a porn star earlier and now a movie star. So how much do you charge for your programmes,” and she then could not managed her anger.

It was seen that the incident was spotted in the Hotel Lobby, where the actress- Sunny Leone was talking with media personnel.

Moreover, as per the journalist who was present in the Hotel lobby, in Surat, said that the incident of her losing temper on the question so asked, was true and the person who asked it was “posing as a reporter”. He further said, that “he was not a genuine scribe”.

It was also seen that Actress- Sunny Leone, after such incident, called the event organisers and required them to guarantee adequate security, and she was actually to dance in the event which was named as “Holi with Sunny Leone”.

But, as per the report which yesterday came out, when Leone has reportedly denied the incident of slapping the person. However, as per sources, she denied the fact of slapping any journalist, however, that was never the case at all.

However, again it is notable that actress- Sunny Leone even not sought to file a police report in connection with such incident, nor even any organizer from even organization team have moved to file any such report.

Even it was reported that the “organisers had turned off their mobiles” and they were not reachable the whole day on Friday. The action could raise confusions in the minds of fans and also among the reporters.

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