Bombay High Court to BCCI: Shift the IPL Matches after April 30, out of Maharashtra


Mumbai: The honourable Bombay High Court today on 13th April, Wednesday directed the shifting of the Indian Premier League matches after 30th day of this April out of Maharashtra citing the reasons of drought in the state.

The High Court’s concerned bench of the Justice- V. N. Kamade and Justice- M. S. Karnik made this decision in connection with the PIL- Public Interest Litigation. While hearing this PIL regarding the matches being held in the State, despite the drought, the court decided that the remaining all thirteen matches should not be held in the State, due to drought. Thus, now it is clear that Nagpur- based stadium will also not be hosting any games this season.

However, as per the Board of Control for Cricket in India- BCCI which has told the said bench that shifting of the matches from the Maharashtra state was not feasible due to the concerns over the financial investments and the brand values of the defending Indian Premier League Championships MI and new entrant RPS taking a hit. But, the bench of the court said that the said IPL matches cannot go ahead beyond the end of the April as the state is facing major water crisis issue. Thus, as per the decision of the Court, BCCI now need to make alternative decision if any.

As per the schedule of the IPL matches, post April matches in this season was to be held on 8th, 13th, 15th and 29th day of May, which now the BCCI and other cricket associations to reschedule them and fix different places.

While so, the secretary of the BCCI- Anurag Thakur told media meanwhile that, the cricket associations have discussed the giving of the help to the “villages most affected by the drought”. “Our decision has been put forward.” Moreover, he said that the “BCCI is neither using potable water nor intends to do so.”

Earlier on Tuesday, the BCCI claimed that it will use only Sewage water for maintain pitches in Mumbai and Pune. The court considered it good, and also asked the BCCI, that if it was willing to donate to the chief Minister’s drought relief fund, which the BCCI agreed, but still not agreed on the issue of shifting of matches. However, now with the decision of the court, it needs to go ahead.

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