Brazil Zika Reports: 91,387 cases of Zika Virus infection confirmed

Zika Virus

Brazil: Over Ninety- One Thousands of the cases of affected people due to Zika virus are confirmed by Brazil for this year. As per the Health Ministry from Brazil the exact number is 91,387 cases, and this also include the pregnant women about 7,584 in number who are considered at the risk of having babies with birth defects.

Yesterday, on 26th day of April, the said numbers were confirmed by the Health Ministry and they also found stated that such number inferring the conclusions that the incidents of Zika virus in the country amounts to 44.7 cases for every 1,00,000 inhabitants, as per reported by the EFE news.

Moreover, such higher figure also shows that there is a rapid spread of the Zika virus in the country. And it is notable that the said virus was firstly detected in the year 2015 in the month of April and now this virus is having its influence in about all twenty- seven states in the country. Earlier the impoverished northeast areas were showing the effects of the Zika infections firstly, but now the rich as well as most populated and developed southeast areas are also covered with the effects and infections of the Zika virus. There are about 35,505 cases which were reported in such areas as can be compared with those reported in Northeast areas which were about 30,286.

In coming hundred days about, the by states, Rio de Janeiro will be hosting the most famous 2016 Olympic Games, and now this has been hit the hardest with as seen about 25,000 and more cases of Zika infections reported here too.

However, though the Zika is spreading its evil affection rapidly, but up till now it can only took the lives of 3 people as confirmed to be directly related to Zika virus.

Notably, in between the last years’ 22nd October and this year’s April month, about 1,168 cases of microcephaly were confirmed in the country, however, there are still 3,741 cases which are pending for study.

And out of all such microcephaly cases, the connection between the deformity and Zika virus has been established in the 192 cases.

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