Breads may contain serious ingredients to hurt health of many: UHM orders investigation


New Delhi: World’s one of the most dangerous decease- Cancer can be caused through the Bread we eat in India as it may contain toxic chemicals which can also result in thyroid disorders. The information about such very crucial thing is given by the non- profit Centre for Science and Environment- CSE.

The said Centre for Science and Environment pointed the said facts, when it revealed this while conducting a series of tests. Soon after such information is disclosed, the Union health Ministry of India has decided to order the investigation in the said matter and shown its concerns over the health of public.

When, the CSE was testing the products, it found that there are five most popular multinational fast- food outlets in India offering their products for the general public were also found to contain high levels of the chemicals. The said outlets were named by the CSE as KFC, Pizza Hut, Domino’s Subway, McDonald’s and Slice of Italy.

Pointing the gravity of the issue, the Deputy Director of CSE- Chandra Bhushan said that “just two slices of bread every day is enough to put us at a higher risk of thyroid and cancer.”

While conducting the tests, the CSE took the thirty- eight samples from the outlets in Delhi and tested them for Potassium Bromate and Potassium lodate. When reports came serious, the Health Minister- J. P. Nadda commented that “I have told my officials to report to me on an urgent basis. There is no need to panic. Very soon we will come out with the (investigation) reports.”

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