British Parliamentarian shoot and stabbed to death in shocking attack


London: Yesterday, on Thursday, there was a shocking attack in which the Britain’s rising star in Politics, i.e. the Member of Parliament- Jo Cox, was shot and stabbed to death. And this attack had stunned the entire nation and European Union referendum campaign of the country was brought to an abrupt halt just a week before the voting.

It is notable that the said killing of the British Parliamentarian was observed as a new type in Britain, but it is too common in the United States, as in this type of killing, no warning, hyper- violent and ultimately, inexplicable and perhaps are the available ingredients.

The killed Parliamentarian was a forty- one- years old member of the centre- left Labour Party. The deceased, in the last year had won the election, after she completed her career in humanitarian work. Moreover, the deceased was also highly respectable personality as she was having great feature of outspoken advocacy on behalf of refugees and civilians in Syria. In the noon hours about, as per the Police Officials, the Parliamentarian was announced as dead, and that was the same time about, she was assaulted outside a library near the city of Leeds. Moreover, in the development of the case, a fifty-two years old man is taken into Police custody, as suspect.

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