Brussels Airport Reopens with Three “symbolic” flights after major ISIS attacks: Now with additional security checks

Brussels, Belgium: Today, on 3rd April, the Airport in Brussels reopened with three “symbolic” flights and there have been seen a strict additional security checks for the passengers, after the brutal attacks from the ISIS suicide bombers.

It was notable that the Brussels Airport has been closed, when there was experienced on 22nd day of March, this year, a multiple bombings in the Brussels, and also it was seen in the ISIS suicide bomb plans, two suicide bombers found blowing themselves up in the departure hall on the said day in co- ordinate bomb blast which was taken place in the Metro Station in the Belgian capital. In the blast around totally 32 people were killed.

However, even though the said attacks has shocking effect in the hearts of the country, but still the daily working schedules can not easily be put stop for longer time period, many were hoping that the airport would be soon reopen. Thus, it is today, the authorities with additional security checks decided to reopen the operation of the airport and in result three “symbolic” flights were flied therefrom.

As stated by Arnaud Feist- Brussels Airport Chief Executive, yesterday, that the partial resumption of the services was to be start with the 3 “symbolic passenger flights”, which would be moving ahead for Faro, Athens and Turin. Moreover, the Chief Executive further sought to say that there will be offered tough new checks, considering the demand from the police and also from the passengers.

In the security point of view, the persons appearing as passengers, would be required to come with the Tickets and ID documents, and then and then only they will be allowed to makeshift departure hall, and also in addition their baggage will also be checked before their entering.

Thus, in the symbolic flights, the first flight was to live from the Airport to Faro at 11:40 (GMT) and as such remaining would also be leaving with prescribed times.

It is also cleared by the Chief Executive that there would be required few months for reconstruction of the departure hall, as damage was severe.

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