Brussels Attack: There may be more to face, and International community should remain prepared for it

Belgium: At least Thirty- four lives have been claimed by the multiple terror blasts where were effected in Belgium, Brussels and especially in their city’s airport and metro station, now the Europe is put into a high alert. And it was notable after the arrest of the Salah Abdeslam who is the key suspect IS, in the terror attack of November 13 in Paris.

Moreover, the Brussels and Belgium’s attacks were also seemed coming after the killing of the Algerian in a raid in Brussels. It was also seen in the statements which the Abdeslam has made while in his interrogation, that the launching of New Terror Operations from Brussels, he was preparing for.

Being the European Union’s headquarters in Brussels, it would have been considered as a major attacks location by the terrorist.

Moreover, recently, Belgian media has named two of the men who carried out attacks in Brussels, as the brothers Khalid and Brahim el- Bakraoui. And also per RTBF broadcaster, these brothers were known to police.

Thus, the identical explosions one at Airport and another at the Metro Station, have left very serious issues as around 34 persons were found dead and over 200 persons were injured in it. Moreover, the pain has left three days of National Mourning in Belgium.

However, this seems not enough, as also pointed by the Prime Minister of Belgian- Charles Michel that these attacks “don’t come as a total surprise”.

Moreover, though the Islamic States’ supporters found commenting on social media that the group is responsible for the attacks, however, the IS itself, officially, not claiming responsibility for the Brussels attacks.

Also, it is notable that as per some estimates, the Islamic States so- called caliphate Syria has reduced to 20 per cent and in Iraq to 40 per cent, and also the armies from these Iraq and Syria are now on the offensive against Islamic States. Thus, it may also be considered that the attacks in Brussels may be congruent with such strategy on the part of IS.

As such, taking all serious issues in mind, now the International community should be ready for more IS terror attacks which may come after already effected ones.

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