Brussels Attacks: Key suspects are arrested by Belgians in Paris

Brussels: In connection with the attacks in Paris, which were witnessed in November, last year, the key suspects from the Islamic State terrorist group, were arrested, yesterday, on Friday 8th April, as per the Belgian prosecutors who also said that the Mohamad Abrini was also among such arrested attackers and he was also tied to Brussels bombings which were witness in March.

As per the Belgian Prosecutors, the said Mohamad Abrini being thirty- one- years old Belgian was checked by them as was the ‘man in the hat’ seen on security footage at Brussels airport on 22nd day of March with two suicide bombers. Moreover, as per the public broadcasters from Belgium it was ‘more than likely’ he was.

It was seen that the said achievement of success by the Belgian security services, is a single one as they have faced fierce criticism at their home and also in abroad since from the attacks which the Brussels- based militants organized, and killed around one hundred and thirty people in Paris on 13th day of November and after four months therefrom 32 were killed at home.

Jan Jambon- Interior Minister who seemed offering to resign over the failure to arrest one of the suicide bombers, in the several months ago, also found written on Twitter, a congratulations note for those involved in the arrests. He also found added that “the struggle against terrorism goes on.”

It was seen that the said arrests came to made after police issued new images and details on the ‘man in the hat’. It was seen that they followed the arrest on 18th March in Brussels, where a key surviving suspect in the attacks in Paris, namely, Salah Abdeslam was arrested.

It was seen that the Salah Abdeslam was arrested and after four days notably, his brother Brahim and Khalid El Bakraoui and Najim Laachraoui (local man) found setting off bombs which resulted in killing of 32 people at Brussels airport and on a metro line running under EU- European Union.

It was also seen that the another man- Osama K (as per prosecutor) who is arrested in such arrests, was a suspected man found along with Khalid Bakraoui at a Metro station, soon before when Khalid killed himself with suicide bomb.

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