Budget in Haryana: primary focus would be for rural sector, employment and education

Chandigarh: The Budget for the Finance year 2016 – 2017 was presented by the Haryana Government with its shielding away from putting new taxes, went all out to appease the Government employees and farming community. Moreover, Captain Abhimayu- the Finance Minister who introduced an amnesty scheme for the victims of the latest Jat community reservation agitation, and through such scheme the relief will be granted in connection with the tax, interest, penalty and other dues in favour of the registered dealers, whose goods were either destroyed or lost.

The BJP Government led by Manohar Lal Khattar in Haryana State, through its presented budget has also specifically found earmarking a plan outlay of 6373.48 crore of rupees i.e. the 20.3 per cents of the total plan outlay for the Schedule Casts people’s welfare under the SCSP component in this financial year. The tax rate is reduced from 12.5 per cent to 5 per cent on the Electrical vehicles’ sale, and this is brought in the view to promote the clean environment.

Moreover, as per the Finance Minster- Captain Abhimanyu, he claimed that the budget is prepared and tabled with the specific aim as- “Sabka Sath- Sabka Vikas”. Moreover, he further claimed that the budget is directed towards the creation of more jobs in the agriculture and enterprises sectors.

Also, as per Captain Abhimanyu, the budget is tax free of 88781.96 crore of rupees for this 2016- 2017 finance year, and it is witnessing an increase of 28.4 per cent of the over the budget estimates which in the year 2015- 2016 of 69140 crore of rupees.

Also, the proposal for raising salaries and allowances for the employees is also made by the Finance Minister, after the Centre have taken a call on the Seventh Pay Commission’s recommendations, which has already tabled its report.

Also, finance minister has proposed forty- four new schemes with the planned expenditure of 10896 crores of rupees for the next financial year, in the budget.

Also, notably, as shown, the total revenue receipts, in the budget estimates of 2016- 2017 is 62,955.53 crore of rupees.

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