By July, Google is set to remove its Chrome App Launcher for Windows, Mac, and Linux

United States: On Tuesday, i.e. 22nd March, the largest- American Multinational Technology company- Google has announced that it is planning to take back the Chrome App Launcher, in upcoming July month, for the Windows, Mac and Linux. However, it confirmed that in the Chrome Operating System the tool which is allowing the users to launch such Chrome Apps even if the browser stopped running, will be continued in such devices.

It was notably, the Google in its first had started the experiment for bringing the app launcher for its desktop browser in the year 2013 (May), but later in the month of July, that year, the Chrome app launcher debuted on Windows, and then in December, that year, it debuted on OS X and finally for Linux it was debuted in a year after i.e. in July, 2014.

Also, there was noted that the Chrome app browser, in a few weeks after the user installs it, will no longer enable the launcher by default.

Now, the users who are experiencing and using Chrome app launcher, would have surely received the notification where it is explained that the Chrome App Launcher is going away. And it will be in upcoming July, the remaining all instances of the Chrome App launcher will be completely removed for all users of desktop.

In the explanation from the side of Google, as why it is removing the Chrome app Launcher, it says that it has found that the Windows, Mac and Linux’s users “prefer to launch their apps from within Chrome”. Moreover, the Google also found stated that it is removing the notification center from Chrome, and it is very similar.

The Google being the largest technology company, is as such in Tuesday announcement, appears to shown that it has been surely and slowly taking back all the features, which had made the Chrome more than a normal browser. Thus, it is now clear that the Chrome apps are not taking back, and the users will be enjoying using of the app for launch.

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