Can Microsoft buy Yahoo! Inc. in upcoming days

United States: Microsoft Corporation- being one of the leading American Multinational technology company has been in discussion, as per reports, with the private equity companies who may support their likely purchase of Yahoo! Inc.

Moreover, a source who is familiar to the situation found claiming that the Microsoft company’s executives, were meeting with the potential investors in Yahoo. The stocks of both Microsoft and Yahoo! Inc. finished up in the late Tuesday, 29th March’s trading, with Yahoo! Inc. ahead over 3% and Microsoft up by 2 per cent on a strong day for markets in general.

Thus, it is clear as the Yahoo! Inc. if planning to divest its core Search business, Microsoft Corporation has yet another unique chance to make an investment. However, still any formal commitment has not came out from the Microsoft, but if it will follow the idea, then company would be benefited from close partnerships with new Yahoo Search owners.

Moreover, it is also notable that the said partnerships can also ultimately allow the Microsoft company to make an absolute bid for acquiring the business, as it may be proved to be a valuable investment.

It was seen in the year 2008 that the Microsoft corporation that time shown its interest in Yahoo and this was seen from its hostile takeover bid, while the company was worth of 45 billion dollars. However, that deal was failed, and thereafter the Microsoft went for a cooperative framework where it desired to work with Yahoo’s platform. It was later seen that the Yahoo’s CEO after 2012, took charge and subsequently negotiated with the Microsoft and as such it was leading the company to reduce its Yahoo Search share to 51 per cents eradicating non- Bing search revenue of Microsoft’ and also that has led to Yahoo’s Bing search revenue share from 88 per cents to 93 per cents.

It is notable again that the Yahoo! Inc. is requiring for 10 billion dollars for its core business. Thus, the Microsoft would be able to take over some of the shares more and as such Yahoo! Itself.

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