Car driven by Minor- Driver kills elderly woman and injures Two girl children in Pune

car accident

Pune, Maharashtra: Road accident cases across the countries bringing fear among the citizens, as such, yesterday’s Pune road accident have also shocked the people residing in the city, as a fifteen- year- old boy, who was driving a car that rammed into three persons, and resultantly an elderly woman was killed and two children received serious injuries.

The accident took place in the Ekbote colony of Ghorpade Peth, yesterday, on 2nd day of May, and as per the police information, the deceased elderly woman was identified as Dupada Hanumant Autade aged about seventy- year- old, who was also the resident of Ghorpade Peth. The remaining two who received injuries in the accident were including her grand- daughter, namely Arohi alias, Durva Lakhan Autade, of about two and half- year- old. The another girl child was from her neighbourhood, namely Alisha Dastagir Shaikh, being only three- year- old.

While so, the instances of the said accident was brought to the knowledge of the Police officials, when Shanta, a daughter- in- law of the deceased woman lodge a report at the Khadak Police Station. In result of the enquiry, the police personnel arrested the said minor- driver and his uncle who was identified as Sahdev Lakshman Dhavare and the charges against Dhavares were levelled under section 279, 304 (2), 337, 338 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860 and sections of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988.

Moreover, as per the said information received from the Police officials, the said minor- driver has been detained on such charges specially on ‘Negligent driving’, and he was student of Class IX in the local school. And in the facts, the uncle of the said child, had asked him to drive the vehicle.

Moreover, while so, the said elderly woman who was sitting under a tree, was dashed against and resultantly killed. Also, the said vehicle also hit against Alisha and Arohi badly, and as such they received serious injuries. Now both of them are in hospital for treatment, as soon after such accident they were rushed to the hospital.

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