Bihar’s Alcohol ban extends to second oldest United Spirits’ unit

hot liquor

Patna: Bihar State’s decision to ban the sale and consumptions of the alcohol has forced many big units to stop their business in the state territory. Moreover, as per the reports, the said ban has now extended and forced the second- oldest liquor unit of United Spirits in the country, which is located at Hathidah in Mokama to stop its production activity. The concerned unit of United Spirits was making the liquor for the sale purpose and also it is actually located about sixty kilometres west of the State Capital.…

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National Herald: First FIR in connection with Land deal in Panchkula; more troubles to Gandhis

Sonia Rahul

Panchkula; Haryana: The State Government of Haryana has filed a FIR- First information Report for the illegal allotment of the prime Land in the Panchkula, which is estimated by it about worth about a hundred crore of rupees in favour of Associated Journals Ltd., as such this has came out for the Gandhis as the fresh trouble in the National Herald Case, because, the said Associated Journals Ltd. is the parents company of the National Herald, which is now defunct mouthpiece of the country’s Congress Party lead by Gandhi Family,…

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Himachal Bus Accident: Nine people killed and 36 seriously injured

Bus accident Himachal

Mandi; Himachal Pradesh: On 7th May, Yesterday’s night the journey from Dharamsala to Rekong Peo proved dangerous for all those who were travelling through the Himachal Road Transport Corporation’s bus which fell into the gorge near Jogindernagar, and this accident has killed at least 9 people on the spot and other thirty- six people were shown to have received serious injuries. The said Himachal Road Transport Corporation’s bus is belonging to the state’s roadways and it skidded off the road and suddenly fell into the gorge in the Mandi District…

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Gujarat’s One-year-Old Girl Child fallen into the Bore well: Now dies after being rescued


Surendranagar; Gujarat: There are already many tragedies occurring in India, and in addition a current news is also offering shock, where a One- year- old girl child who had fallen into the bore well in district of Surendranagar in Gujarat State had died, today, on 26th April’s morning during the treatment after she was rescued. It was seen that, yesterday, on Monday 25th April, the said toddler had fallen in such bore well, which is about 300 feet deep and located at the Juna Ghansyamgadh Village in the Taluka of…

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Noida Police Raid: Sub-Inspector Khan died; His family blames Police Team for delaying in taking him to Hospital

Akhtar Khan

New Delhi: A Sub- Inspector- Akhtar Khan who was leading a team while raiding a hideout of criminals, was allegedly shot dead as Police attempted to nab criminals on the run early on yesterday, now the Dadri Police have ordered an enquiry into such allegations that he was abandoned by his team during such raid. The raid was conducted at Nai Abadi area of Dadri, which is around 30 kilometres from New Delhi. And in this operation, the police’s team was to raid a hideout of Fukran and Javed at…

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