For the Second Time in History, Gravitational Waves detected

Gravitational Waves

Recently, for the second time in the history, the scientists have discovered gravitational waves in February. The credit of discovery is bagged in by the International team of physicists and astronomers who has announced the detection of the second strong signal from the depths of space. It is also reportedly shown that it was just like the first one, this second gravitational wave detected by the scientists who believe that the signal was created by the collision of two black holes, although an absolutely different binary black hole system than…

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Six Indian Brilliant Brains awarded at US for their projects’ presentation at International Science and Engineering Fair


New Delhi: At ISEF- International Science and Engineering Fair, which was being organized by the Intel Corporation and the Society for Science and Public in Arizona in United States, Six talented students from India have won awards. The Six students includes the student from Modern School, New Delhi- Shreyas Kapur who bagged ‘Google Thinking Big Award’. Secondly, Suhani Sachin Jain and Divya Kranthi from the Nagpur- based Centre Point School bagged third position in the event. Thirdly, the Maharaja Agarsain Public School, Delhi’s Vasudev Malyan bagged the forth position his…

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A big answer to question, Is there Life on Mars?; Scientists found evidence of iron and calcium- rich carbonates


Washington: The Scientists have found evidence for widespread buries deposits of iron- and calcium- rich carbonates on the red planet, they presumes Mars once hosted habitable environments with liquid water. The instances of such report is disclosed by the SETI Institute’s Janice Bishop from United States, and he also said that “Identification of these ancient carbonates and clays on Mars represents a window into history when the climate on Mars was very different from the cold and dry desert of today.” It was observed that the Mars’s environment was ‘warmer…

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India’s Supercomputing Mission would get its new Supercomputer in coming year

Super Computer

As a part of 4,500 Crores of Rupees National Super-computing Mission of Government, India would be getting new supercomputers, as disclosed by Ashutosh Sharma- Secretary to Ministry of Science and Technology, while speaking in the interview with the International Business Times, India. Moreover, Sanjay Wandhekar, who is associate director and head of the Department of High Performance Computing at the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing- C-DAC found stated that the first of the 73 new supercomputers will tentatively be ready in coming eighteen months. Moreover, he also found stated…

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ISRO’s idea on Climate Change led to other major space agencies to develop their satellites monitoring carbon emission

Climate Change

Bengaluru: The Indian Space Research Organization- ISRO has adopted a major initiative in the war on Climate Change, and this has led to all the major global space agencies gathering together to develop satellites which will monitor the emissions of carbon for each country. Here, the Chairman to ISRO- Mr. A. S. Kiran Kumar and also the President to French National Centre for Space Studies- Jean- Yves Le Gall, worked together to get all heads of the space agency’s together for a meeting on the issues of sidelines of the…

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