British Parliamentarian shoot and stabbed to death in shocking attack


London: Yesterday, on Thursday, there was a shocking attack in which the Britain’s rising star in Politics, i.e. the Member of Parliament- Jo Cox, was shot and stabbed to death. And this attack had stunned the entire nation and European Union referendum campaign of the country was brought to an abrupt halt just a week before the voting. It is notable that the said killing of the British Parliamentarian was observed as a new type in Britain, but it is too common in the United States, as in this type…

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US President Obama called Orlando Nightclub Mass Shooting, an ‘act of terror and hate’


Washington: Today, on Monday, 13th June, the President of United States- Barack Obama said the “horrific” mass shooting at a nightclub in Orlando, Florida is an act of “terror” and also it was an act of “hate”, he claimed to be remineded the countrymen of the easy access to firearms people enjoy in America. The said massacre which had taken place in the nightclub in Orlando had claimed the lives of about 50 people, which is really ‘horrific’ as pointed by the US President. While providing his comments on the…

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US President- Barack Obama voted for Hillary Clinton to succeed him

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

Washington: Yesterday, on Thursday, the President of United States has confirmed the candidature of Hillary Clinton to succeed him, by providing signal to Democrats that its time to unify after a bitter primary campaign and beat Donald Trump. It is reportedly shown that the Current President- Obama said in a video endorsement that the “tens of millions of Americans made their voices heard. Today, I just want to add mine”, he added “I am with her.”Notably, the current president to US- Obama had won the state in the year 2008…

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Barack Obama, First US President to visit Hiroshima today

Obama in japan

Hiroshima: Today, on 27th May, Friday, the United States President- Barack Obama will become the first American head to visit Hiroshima, site of the first atomic bombing world. Moreover, the gesture Washington and Tokyo hope will showcase their alliance and breathe life into stalled efforts to abolish nuclear arms. Hiroshima is the place where in the year 1945, (6th August) an atomic bomb dropped resulted in killing of thousands of people and now with the said visit by Obama, the two governments are hoping that it will highlight a new…

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Seven Powerful World leaders vow economic growth: G7 Summit

G7-Summit 2016

Ise-Shima: Today, on Friday, on 27th May, a group of 7 industrial powers have pledged for seeking strong global growth, during the papering upon the differences on currencies and stimulus policies and also while expressing concern over North Korea, Russia and disputes of Maritime in China. G7 leaders found stated after a 2- days summit in Central Japan, that the “global growth remains moderate and below potential, while risks of weak growth persist.” Thus, it is learnt and also as told by the said G7 leaders, the Global growth is…

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