Celebrated 137th Birth Anniversary of Albert Einstein: Prof C.V. Visheshwara Speaks about Black Holes and Gravitational Waves

Albert Einstein

Ahmedabad: Today, March 14, 2016, on the auspicious occasion of the celebration of 137th birth anniversary of Great Albert Einstein,  Indian Scientist CV Visheshwara speaks about the topic “Black Holes and Gravitational Waves – What LIGO Saw”.Prof CV Vishveshwara Visheshwara is the former senior professor of Indian Institute of Astrophysics and Professor emeritus, Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium, Bangalore. Visheshwara predicted about the gravitation waves emitted by two merging black holes a way back in 1970. His lecture was about the complex relationship between the gravitational waves and black holes.

Having some expertise in Einstein’s General Relativity, he has worked broadly on the hypothesis of black holes and made real contributions to this field of research since its very beginning. Vishveshwara was one of the first to break down the structure of black holes utilizing spacetime symmetries in this way exhibiting the presence of the ergosphere.

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