Centre informs Supreme Court that Kohinoor was not stolen, but was gifted to British

Supreme Court of India

New Delhi: Today, on Monday 18th April, the honourable Supreme Court of India is told by the National Democratic Alliance Government that as per the Ministry of Culture, the country (India) should not stake a claim for the well- known ‘Kohinoor diamond’ as the same was ‘neither stolen nor forcibly taken away’ from the country’s possession.

It was seen that the said stand preferred by the Ministry of Culture was represented by Ranjit Kumar- the Solicitor General appearing for the Government. The said stand was described by the solicitor general while the Top court was hearing the plea seeking return of Kohinoor Diamond back in India, from the British country.

While so, Ranjit Kumar also sought to inform that court that the “Ministry of External Affairs is also a party” in the said matter, however, “their response is yet to come.” He added that the ‘Kohinoor diamond’ was handed over by Maharaja Ranjit Singh to the East India Company.

Moreover, the honourable Apex Court’s Chief Justice- T. S. Thakur asked the Central Government, if it wants the dismissal of the said case as they would face a problem in the future when putting forward any legitimate claim.

As such, the court also seemed asking the Central Government to file its detailed response to the plea in this connection, within the period of 6 weeks.

Notably, earlier on 9th day of April, the honourable Apex Court of the country had asked the Central Government to disclose its stand on the bringing back of the said precious ‘Kohinoor Diamond’.

It is again notable that the All India Human Rights and Social Justice Front had filed a petition before the Supreme Court of India where they are seeking the bringing back of the Kohinoor Diamond. And in the said petition, it is sought to be maintain that the Government was not making efforts to bring its precious diamond back in the country.

It was reported stated that the said ‘Kohinoor Diamond’ was made to be presented to the Queen Victoria, by force, in the year 1850, by the Marquess of Dalhousie, the Governor- General of Punjab from British colonial rule.

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