Chief Army Staff General: Indian Army’s modernisation is on the way

Hyderabad: In the Indian Army, the pace of modernisation has been accelerated and for replacing the old and obsolete machinery, equipment in the Army with the new ones, the efforts were being made, as said by Dalbir Singh- the Chief of Army Staff General.

The Chief of Army Staff General- Dalbir Singh stated this, while he was addressing the Higher Defence Management course’s valedictory function, on Wednesday, i.e. on 23rd March, at the Secunderabad- based College of Defence. Moreover, he also added that in 2 to 3 years the results of such efforts would be came in picture.

Further, Dalbir Singh said that the shortage of infrastructure would be overcome by the Indian Army, soon. Moreover, he also sought to ask the Defence forces to be vigilant across borders, as the country from neighbour, is indulging in a ‘proxy war’ and for which they are taking help of ‘non- state’ actors and by collecting their forces at the boarder side.

Also, while praising the afore mentioned course, the Army chief further added his confidence to the effect that while in the course, the training in identifying cognitive biases would be offering help in favour of the officers who are participating in it, to act timely and also to take decision positively as like the senior leaders in Military.

Moreover, in the function, Dalbir Singh has presented the degree certificates in the Master of Management Studies by Osmania University and a certificate of advanced Courses in management, by All India Management Association to the students.

Also, in the function, there were around 150 selected officers attended the programme and also notably, the Army officers from the neighbouring countries like from Bhutan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, etc. were also seemed attending the function which was held yesterday.

Moreover, the meritorious officers for the academic excellence, were also given awards and trophies, as told by the Spokesman in the press release.

The program was earlier started with welcome speech of Admiral Dushyant Singh Chouhan, Commandant College of Defence Management, who found highlighted the activities which were held last year.

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