Chinese Minister in Delhi, says not blocking India’s bid to join Nuclear Suppliers Group


New Delhi: Today, Wednesday, 18th May, the India’s neighboring country- China preferred to deny the allegations of blocking the bid of India for a membership in elite Nuclear Suppliers Group or NSG. Moreover, China also stated that searching for the solutions to get the India with entry into the same, the China will work with the members of the 48- nation grouping as well as India.

The said statements were released by China through its Vice- Minister for Foreign Affairs- Liu Zhenmin who also found stated that the issue needs to be deliberated on among relevant parties.

When the question as to whether the China was blocking the entry of India to the elite club, was asked to him, then Zhenmin made it clear by answering that “not true”. He explained it saying “I think, the membership of NSG is not a new issue. It has been an issue for many years. This should be sorted out together with the members of the NPT.”

Moreover, he also stated that the Nuclear Suppliers Group’s members should be “party to NPT. So, I think China will also work with others including Indian colleagues together to find a solution.”

The said minister had attended the Multi- Lateral Legal meet, in Delhi and while hours to talk with media, he disclosed these facts.

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