Clashes in NIT Srinagar led to major unrest in campus; CRPF is deployed

Srinagar: Yesterday, i.e. on 5th April it was in NIT Srinagar, again an unrest was witnessed, where the number of non- local students are seemed expressing a sense of insecurity and trying to leave the campus, however, this situation is also coming on account of the confrontation with the police which has required them to initiate lathicharge in the campus, which resulted in the injuries of many.

Also it was seen yesterday that looking to the seriousness of the situation, the decision of calling CRPF was also made, and they were deployed at the campus yesterday’s night. However, now the Government of the Jammu and Kashmir area is seemed assuring the full security to all the students from the other states, who were studying in the said NIT.

It was also seen that the governmental authorities dealing with the law and order system, and Rajnath Singh- the Union Home Minister found calling the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir state- Mehbooba Mufti, for discussing with her the current situation at NIT.

Meanwhile, the Police officials also found stated that, as the non- local students were not “feeling safe” inside the campus, were trying to move back to their home states. However, as per police personnel the students of NIT, are still assured to be safe inside the NIT campus, however, still the students cannot be kept clam, while such issues are being in front of them.

It was also claimed from the side of officers that the head of the Security deployment was speaking with them, however, some of the students allegedly starting again sloganeering and also the said offer was also pushed around. As such, the situation, as per officials, become serious again and the police personnel then resorted to lathicharge for dispersing the students who were then getting violent.

However, as per the officials, thereafter the situation was controlled, shortly. However, the if the comments from the Outstation students can be seen, then they sought to allege that while they were holding the protests, the lathicharge was initiated by the Police with brute force and they were not allowed even to move out of the NIT gate.

It was earlier seen on Friday that there was clashes among the local and non- local students over the defeat of India in the Semi- final match in the recently finished World Twenty- 20 matches.

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