Contaminated Liquor in Pakistan kills Forty; many of them were Hindus

Karachi (Pakistan): In Pakistan the, days ahead of the major Hindu festival, at least Forty people were died and number of other people taken to the hospital, due to drinking of the tainted liquor. The Pakistani police informed media, yesterday, i.e. on 23rd March, that most of them were from the Pakistan’s minority- Hindu community.

It was noted specifically that the maximum number of victims were from the Hindu- Kohli community. And these people were shown to had been drinking, when they found issue with their drink. This is as per the information given by the Senior Police Official- Irfan Baluch in Tando Muhammad Khan district, which is east of Karachi.

Further, the official added that the incident, which is much connected with the current Holi celebration, is mostly affected to people from Pakistani minority of Hindus.

It is also notably that, there is often seen in Pakistan, with the periodic gap, that Deaths from tainted liquor happens. Such tainted liquor is often home- made.

However, again notably, the liquor is illegal for Muslims in the country, even they can not buy or consume alcohol. And for minorities like Hindus, there can be seen a restriction on their purchase of alcohol, as to quantity, and they will also be required to possess valid permits for such purchase.

In the year 2014, the instances of deaths due to consumption of home- made toxic liquor, were 23 in number, and also Twenty- two people seemed admitted in the hospital after they consumed such liquor, and it was seen during the Muslim Eid holidays, in Karachi’s different parts.

It was noted on 23rd March, by one of the Pakistani news agency that there were two women, also found died of drinking tainted liquor. It was also reported that one of the police official also said that they have taken in their possession, around 65,000 litres of liquor only two days ago, however, “their production is very high”. Naiz Shah- Senior police official further said that these people found consuming the liquor during preparations for Holi celebrations.

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