Crisis in Maharashtra: Section 144 imposed in Latur to avoid violence over water

Latur: Section 144’s imposition is brought into operation by the Authorities in Latur (Maharashtra), where the people are facing drought issue. Now, as per authority and its order, the assembly of more than 5 persons in localities around twenty water storage tanks situated, is prohibited till the date of 31st day of May, this year.

The order was issued by the District Collector who imposed the rule under section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973. As per authorities, the order is based on the fact that, as there is a drought issue in existence, there may occur violence over water, in such areas. The order is as such imposed as ‘preventive measure’ for dealing with the so coming violence on the issue of water.

All tanker- filling points, public wells and storage tanks and also tanker- plying routes in Latur are notified as Notified Places, as per the officials, where such order is having force, and as such in such places, the gathering of the more than five people is prohibited, so as to avoid the possible violence.

However, in his comments, Ashok Chavan- the Former Chief Minister of Maharashtra State yesterday, i.e. on 20th March, found targeted the Government’s (State) action of imposition of Section 144 of CrPC in the district of Latur. Further, he said that the condition in the district could have been simply dealt with by the Government.

The current Maharashtra Govt. is led by Devendra Fadnavis- the Chief Minister of the State. Moreover, as per Former CM- Chavan who told the media agency that the condition in the district of Latur is much serious and he further said, “the situation will always turn explosive or dangerous” if there is unavailability of Water, which is from Forty to Forty- Five days.

He made current- Govt. absolutely liable for the situation, and he further added that Govt. would have taken some steps for helping the people, and if so would have done, the present situation could have been simply tackled with.

Thus, now, there is no doubt of having critical situation in the district of Latur, which is also relating to the basic need of Water, without which humans are unable to survive.

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