Dabangg star- Salman expressed pleasure for Anant Ambani who lost his 108 kgs in 18 months

Salman Khan

Mumbai: The Bollywood’s Dabangg star- Salman Khan expressed his happiness over the Anant Ambani’s lost of 108 kilograms of overweight in only eighteen months.

Anant Ambani is the youngest son of the India’s one of the brand businessman and Reliance Industries chairman- Mukesh Ambani. Recently, the said Anant Ambani has undergone a major weight loss session for about 18 months in all, and in result he got his 108 kilograms overweight loosen. His happiness to have such great victory for his health is reportedly shared by number of people and celebrities especially.

Salman Khan who himself is well- known for his great physique and well- toned body with six pack abs is also appeared tweeting about his pleasure to see Anant Ambani’s victory upon the overweight losing battle.

The 21- years- old youngest son of the Businessman- Mukesh Ambani was facing major fat related issues. Then he started adopting natural ways through which he experienced good results in weight lost, as such in an average he seemed losing his 6 Kilograms in every month, as per the officials who stated reportedly. Thus, the Anant maintained his target of losing his fact and getting absolutely fit, as such by his twenty- first birthday he achieved his target and now looking really changed. Moreover, for sticking to his commitment, he started following a strict regimen of zero- sugar, low- carb diet, along with the adequate intake of the fact and protein.

There are number of the celebrities as said herein above have already praised his achievement and also the cricketers like Mahendra Singh Dhoni and others also seemed commenting on his achievement, as “discipline and determination” of Anant over his losing weight. Moreover, reportedly, there was a great party also offered on the occasion of his birthday.

While, so the bollywood’s most popular and well known fit personality Salman Khan also added his compliments, by posting and sharing the selfie with Anant Ambani on the micro- blogging website, where he is seen sporting a black shirt while Anant looks dapper in a black and white polo neck T-shirt.

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