Dead Body of Indian to be brought back by Tomorrow: He was allegedly killed by his employer in Saudi Arabia

High court of Delhi

New Delhi: The honourable High Court of Delhi, today on Friday 29th April, was informed that the dead body of a seventy-seven- years old man who was basically belonging to the Jharkhand, would be brought to India by tomorrow, Saturday.

The said youth was killed allegedly by his employers in Saudi Arabia, last year i.e. in 2015. He being named as Ansari was hailing from the Jharkhand and he was working with the alleged employer who killed him on his showing that wish to return to his mother country- India.

While, so the present development is seen in the matter which is pending before the High Court of Delhi. It was seen that the Counsel appearing of the petitioner in the case sought to explain before the bench of the High Court comprising of Justice- J. R. Midha that the authorities in Saudi Arabia would dispatch the dead body of Mohammed Afsar Ansari and it would reach the country’s capital i.e. Delhi by tomorrow.

The petition was filed by the petitioner who being the wife- Naushaba Bano of said deceased- Mohammed Afsar Ansari. Bano’s representing counsel also found contended before the bench that “they (authorities in Saudi Arabia) are going to send the body and it will arrive here tomorrow.” And soon after this, the bench decided to disposed of her plea.

It was also seen earlier on 22nd day of this month, that the Central Government that time informed that bench of the High Court that the dead body of Ansari was likely to be brought to India from Saudi Arabia within a week time, and the said contention from the Centre seemed likely to be true.

It was also informed by the Centre that time that the Indian embassy in Riyadh has taken all steps for dispatching the dead body and also informed that all the formalities have been completed.

As per the plea of the Bano, she claimed that there was a direction of the Court which was given earlier to bring her husband’s body back to India, and as the concerned officials were allegedly causing delay, the said Wife of deceased preferred to file contempt proceedings against the said Officials. And the said stand which the Centre had adopted, was came up in connection with such plea by Bano.

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