Delhi Government bans all forms of chewable tobacco for a year

tobacco banned

New Delhi: As per the decision of the Department of Food Safety, Government of Delhi, which has issued a notification on a day before Yesterday, on Wednesday, through which for one year’s period, the sale, purchase and storage of all forms of the chewable tobacco is banned in the Capital.

The said ban is extended to all forms of the chewable tobacco, which includes the “guthka, pan masala, Khaini and Zarda”. The said notification which was issued by the Department of Food Safety on Wednesday, was to be brought into force on Yesterday, i.e. on Thursday. As such the said ban is imposed from yesterday.

Moreover, the said notification is not only banned the packed tobacco products, but also extends its effect on unpackaged products of chewable tobacco too.

Also, this notification states that the tobacco is known to cause adverse impact on health of those who consumes the same and it could also as per the notification, lead to alteration of the genetic make- up of the future generations.

In the terms of the notification, “The manufacture, storage, distribution, or sale of tobacco which is either flavoured, scented or mixed” and also if the said going by the name or form of guthka, or even as pan masala or otherwise as kharra, flavoured/ scented tobacco, etc. will be prohibited. Moreover, this notification also made it clear stating that “whether (such tobacco is) packaged or unpackaged and/or sold as one product, or though packaged as separate products, sold or distributed in such manner so as to easily facilitate mixing by the consumer” will be prohibited “for a period of one year.”

It was also seen earlier in the month of September, 2012, the Government of Delhi had issued a notification whereby it had banned ‘guthka’ in the city, in the wake of the series of directions which were received from the honourable Supreme Court of India. However, taking advantage of the use of only term ‘guthka’ in the notification, it was seen that the retailers started selling the components of ‘guthka’ which is also termed many times as ‘Kharra’ in which the tobacco in raw and betel nut are used to pack and sale in separate pouches, as such the purpose of that ban was defeated.

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