Delhi Metro Staffer stabbed inside the Station and 12 lakhs of rupees looted

delhi metro railway station

New Delhi: In the morning time, at the Rajendra Place Metro Station, Delhi, the staffer of the Delhi Metro was stabbed. The attackers who stabbed him grievously also took the amount of Twelve Lakh rupees which was kept at the ticketing counter inside the station control room, and then fled away.

As the matter was serious, immediately the police officials called at the spot and now they are examining the CCTV footage to get hinted if any regarding this incident. As such, the police officials are presuming that the attackers must have left something in such connection, so that Police would be benefited in their work.

The incident was taken place at about 5:30 AM in the today’s morning, and the Police now searching the attackers for identifying them through the CCTV footage.

It is for the first time experienced in the history of Metro Railway, that the attackers have reached the Metro station and dared to stab the Metro employee and also dared to enter the Control room for looting around Twelve lack rupees. In short, targeting the control room which is situated in the Metro Station was seen for the first time.

Moreover, it is also notable that for providing the security service in the Metro Stations, situated across the national capital region, the Central Industrial Security Force is responsible and despite of its officials being there, the attackers have dared to target the Metro Station, is the matter of concerned.

As such, the sources from the Central Industrial Security Force, the mandatory frisking of the two attackers were done at the Metro Station, and further it was said as per sources that “it may be possible that they used the knife kept inside station officer office to attack the staffer”. Moreover, now, the sources suggests that Central Industrial Security Force is now investigating the incident.

Moreover, as the CCTV cameras are available in the Metro stations, the chances of the identification of the attackers are very much, and also, it can be safely said here that the attackers will soon be detained.

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