Delhi- NCR’s Diesel Taxi Ban issue: Taxi Drivers to feel insecure as to their installments to loan payments

Supreme Court of India

New Delhi: The highest Judicial office in India is Supreme Court which had earlier made a 30th April Order and formulated a deadline given against the diesel taxis owners for switching their vehicles to CNG, and now the court refusing to hear any extending period plea, if this would be to retrospective effect to the said 30 April Order, then question arises will it not cause “undue hardships” to thousands of the taxi drivers in NCR- national capital regions with diesel cars.

It was on the 30th day of the last month, the order was passed and the Top Court also said that it was way back in the year 1998, the Apex Court in the nation had ordered that the commercial passenger vehicles must run on CNG. And now the Top court question as to why the taxi drivers bought diesel cars? As such the top court said “we can’t keep extending deadlines.”

It was earlier on the 16th day of December last year, the said Top Court appeared barring the registration of the cars and vehicles with the 2000 CC and above engine capacity till 31st March, this year.

However, it is notable here, that thought the court had earlier made an order in the year 1998 asking all the commercial passenger vehicles to run on CNG, but there was a hidden exception that the semi- literate taxi drivers should be made an exception to this rule settled by the court.

It is importantly pointed here that one of the driver of the taxi car for the Ola, namely, Mohit Kumar said that “sir the court have banned all diesel- run taxies from plain the NCR region,” the WagonR which he is driving has CNG fuel running engine, but his two other cars viz. Swift Dzire and Mahindra Xylo are having diesel engine. He further stated that “the problem is that I bought both the cars on loan and have to pay its instalments. How will I do it.”

Moreover, another taxi driver, Virendra, got Swift Dzire financed by a bank and started working for Uber, and he was getting much pay to easily pay back instalments of around 12000 rupees to the bank, however, soon the said court order came in picture, he was informed that he “cannot drive”, his “car in NCR”. He said “I am clueless what to do.”

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