Delhi’s CM- Kejriwal urges CIC to make India’s PM- Modi’s educational qualification Public

Delhi CM- Arvind Kejriwal

New Delhi: Yesterday, on 28th April, Thursday the current Chief Minister of Delhi- Arvind Kejriwal found demanding from the CIC- Central Information Commission that the information as to the educational qualification of the current Prime Minister- Narendra Modi should be made public.

It was pointed that the said Chief Minister- Arvind Kejriwal who is also a chief to the Aam Aadmi Party- AAP has written a letter to M. Sridhar Acharyulu- the Information Commissioner in CIC, and in such letter the Delhi’s CM- Kejriwal found stated that he has no objection against the Government Records maintained about PM- Modi as it is being made public, however, he said to have wondered as to why the Commission wants to “hide” information on educational degrees of the PM- Modi.

The said letter written by CM- Kejriwal contains that “there are allegations that Narendra Modi does not have any degree.” And he also sought to maintain that the people in India “want to know the truth.” Thus, he further stated in his letter that “despite that you (Information Commissioner) refused to make records regarding his degree public. Why did you do this?” He further sought to term all such actions being “wrong” through his letter.

It was seen earlier in the last month, i.e. in March, 2016 that the Central Information Commission had asked ‘why Kejriwal should not be declared a public authority’ as he being a Member of Legislative Assembly, in a case that sought to know how he was permitted for changing his address during Delhi Assembly election’s nominations in the year 2014.

CM- Kejriwal in his letter also said that “you want to make all my records public and I do not object to that.” And pointing the present situation, he said “but I am surprised that you want to hide information about Narendra Modi’s degree.” He also added that he will make people question the neutrality of the Central Information Commission.

Thus, the CM- Kejriwal pulled the Commission and said in letter that “I urge you to show courage” and as such he claimed that the while making his records public, the records of Prime Minister- Narendra Modi should also be made public.

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