Delh’s Odd- Even scheme’s Phase Two begins on friday; Less congestion on roads seen

Delhi Traffic jam

New Delhi: As on Friday, the second phase of the Odd- even experiment in Delhi was started with the view to decrease the congestion on the Delhi roads and also for ultimately tackling the rising levels of the air pollutions in the big city. It was also seen that in the earlier tweet posted by the Delhi’s Chief Minister- Arvind Kejriwal, he had asked the Delhi people to join the hands and resolve to make the said scheme successful.

It was as such seen, despite today there being a public holiday for the Ram Navami, the Delhi road traffic was experienced little fewer, and only few cars were only seen roaming on the streets. Moreover, as per the scheme there should be four- wheelers with the odd- registration plates to be played on the road on the odd dates and those vehicles having even registration plates will be playing on even dates. It was seen that the said rule is being enforced from the 15-30 April, from 8 AM to 8 PM with the Sundays which being exempted. Moreover, the rule also exempt the Women driven vehicles and also VIP vehicles.

On Thursday, it was seen that the transport department had announced the enforcement of the scheme tighten for the second phase. Moreover, around twenty- five hundred of personnel were almost deployed at the two hundred points in the city, and the others from the ex- servicemen were assigned to perform the patrolling tasks for inner streets patrolling.

It is currently seen that the said scheme has resulted in showing the Yellow line of the Metro less crowded.

Moreover, the Traffic Police department from Delhi also found stated that there were 511 challans issued till 1 PM today, and they realised the highest number of the offenders from West and Sought Delhi.

There are around 5000 civil defence volunteers who were deployed in connection with the Odd- even scheme and other 400 ex- servicemen and more 2000 traffic police personnel were also given their tasks in this connection.

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