Denmark ranks world’s happiest country, while India ranks 118th position behind China, Pak, Bangladesh

New York: Denmark again grabbed the Top position in the list of happiest countries and it is closely followed by Switzerland, while India is still on its earlier position or little down to it, in its happiness quotient, ranking 118th out o 156 countries in the Global list. Moreover, in the list of happiest nations, India is coming down one slot compared to previous  year listed on the index and also comes behind China, Pakistan and also Bangladesh.

As per the World Happiness Report, 2016, which is published by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network- SDSN which is a global initiative for the United Nations, the they considers the GDP per capita, life expectancy and freedom to take life choices and also social support as an indicators of happiness and in result the report is being published.

Thus, as Denmark topped the list, the Switzerland is ranked as second followed by Iceland at third, Norway at fourth and Finland at fifth position.

Moreover, notably, so far as India is concerned, it was ranked in the year 2013 at 111th position, later in the last year it was again pushed down to held position at 117th and now it is again at 118th position, below nations like Somalia, Iran, Palestinian Territories, etc. Moreover, the US is ranked 13th as coming behind Israel and also Australia.

The first report was published by the United Nations in the year 2012. And this year the World Happiness Report seeks to quantify happiness as a means of making societies healthier and more efficient.

Denmark which this year is ranked at the top, was also ranked first in the first year, i.e. in 2012 and also in 2013. However, it was seen that in the year 2015, Switzerland came at the top. Now, Denmark has again gained its honour back.

The report is released in advance of the UN world Happiness Day, i.e. on March, 20 and it is for the first time giving a special role to the measurement and consequences of inequality in the distribution of well- being among countries and regions.

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