Donald Trump says China rebuilt itself from money it “drained” from US

New York: Donald Trump- a Republican Unites States Presidential Front- runner has found vowing that to pursue an “America First” foreign policy, if he would be elected, further said that many countries, even allies have “ripped off” America while China has rebuild itself from money which it has “drained” out of the United States.

Moreover, while elaborating his ‘foreign policy priorities’, Republican’s Mr. Trump further said that if close allies did not pay the United States more, then he would look into the pulling out of troops of America from the Japan and South Korea.

While he was talking with the media agency, the Republican- Mr. Trump further pointed that if in the even the Saudi Arabia did not found sending troops to returned to United States efforts for fighting Islamic States terrorists, then he would have stop the purchasing of oil from that country.

Moreover, Mr. Trump- a Sixty- nine years- old real estate billionaire who found insisted that his being “not isolationist” but an “America First”. Further he found stated that the US have been “disrespected”, “mocked” and “ripped off” for many and many years by people “that were smarter”, “shrewder”, “tougher”

Further he said, America was a “big Bully”, but was “not smartly led”. Also he said “we were the big bully who was the ‘big, stupid bully’ and were systematically ripped off by everybody.

Being an “America First”, he claimed that “we will not be ripped off anymore”, also he said America is going to be “friendly with everybody”, however, he made clear that US would not take advantage of anybody.

Commenting on China, which is now world’s second largest economy after US, he said it has rebuild itself from money which were “drained out of the United States”. Alleging, the said have been done “through monetary manipulation, by devaluations”.

Further, he against sought to maintain that, he like China and its people much, also he respect the Chinese leaders too. However, he claimed that the China is being taking advantage of US. Also, he added “We have tremendous economic power over China, and that’s the power of trade”.

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