Drought in Maharashtra; HC slams BCCI and other authorities on their water wasting to maintain pitches


Mumbai: Today, i.e. on 6th April, the honourable Bombay High Court rapped the Board of Control for Cricket in India- BCCI and Cricket Associations in the Maharashtra and Mumbai over the water wastage issue. It is notable that the State is reeling under the severe drought and these cricket related authorities were wasting the water on the field. The Bombay High Court as such said that the coming Indian Premier League- IPL events should be relocated from the state to any other area, where people are not facing any water crisis.

The bench of the Bombay High Court, comprising of Justice- V. M. Kanade and Justice- M. S. Karnik while considering the Public Interest Litigation preferred by the Non- Government Organization, Loksatta Movement, sought to say that when there will be water supply cut for the BCCI, then only they will come to know about the issue, it was stated in its words as “Only if water supply to BCCI is cut, you will understand.”

Moreover, while making such decision, the bench also slammed the Cricket associations and BCCI saying that “How can you waste water like this. People are more important or your IPL matches?” Pointing the carelessness of the cricket related authorities, the bench also sought to say that “this is criminal wastage”, looking to the condition in Maharashtra state, as to water crisis.

Thus, the bench has asked the cricket associations and BCCI to shift their coming IPL tournaments “ideally”, to some other state “where water is in abundance”.

Moreover, pointing the responsibility of the Government towards the stoppage of such water waste, the Bench said that it is their duty to do something about such water wastage and impose some king of restraint against such activities. As such, the bench sought to ask the Government of the State of Maharashtra to report it by tomorrow, as to what they are thinking to plan against such major issue.

It was yesterday, the Bench had posted hearing on PIL and also sought responses from all such authorities. The said petition speaks that there is nearly 60 lakh litres of water is being used for maintaining pitches at 3 stadiums in the State, in connection with coming IPL events.

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