Drunk Doctor dashed against six vehicles with his Mercedes: cause to death of One

Bengaluru: A doctor riding Mercedes crashes into several vehicles and this left a rider of the Two- wheeler dead on the spot. Moreover as per police officials, the doctor who was riding the Mercedes was allegedly in a drunken state of mind.

The Doctor- driver of the Mercedes car who alledgely wad drunk, dashed Six vehicles in a two- kilometres long stretch. He is identified as Dr. N. S. Shankar, who was arrested by the police officials, and now charged for the accident. Yesterday, i.e. on 27th day of March, the incident was taken place which took a bike- riders life.

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The concerned accused of the accident case, is in his 50s found dashing against these six vehicles, in the South Bengaluru. And his vehicle’s speed was controlled when it was dashed against a wall of the house. Moreover, notably, the instances of the accident is also captured by the CCTV camera.

It was seen, when the Mercedes driver found able to stop his controlled vehicle, that time, the people in the locality has beat him, reportedly. And after that, he was handed over to the police officials.

As the incident was really dangerous, it had killed a two- wheeler rider, and also some people received injuries. Not only this, the mishap also resulted in the injuries which the driver of Mercedes too sustained, now he is hospital.

While the accident took place, the doctor- Shankar was not alone sitting in the vehicle, however, he was accompanied with his maid, who found claiming that he had an epileptic fit. Moreover, even as per Police officials, the Doctor- accused was not smelling of alcohol. Thus, the reports can only show, whether he was drunk or not, which are yet to be out.

Said Doctor- accused being an Orthopedician at the Siddhartha Clinic was driving his car, with her maid Sarita and her child.

Soon later than accident took place, the injured persons were taken to nearby hospital for first Aid and it was also seen that the offending vehicle- Mercedes Benz may be brand new is wreaked by repeated crashes.

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