Durga Thakral, an Indian- American Yale Student awarded with Soros fellowships

Durga Thakral

New York: A student at the Yale University, who is Indian- American one among the thirty recipients of a prestigious fellowship which is targeting at the supporting the graduate students who have demonstrated “creativity” and “originality” in their lives.

Now this Indian- American girl student- Durga Thakral has won the most prestigious Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowships of 2016 year, for New Americans. She is only Indian- American among the other students.

While expressing her pleasure to receive such prestigious reward, she also shown her desire to use this award for supporting the work towards an MD/ PhD in genetics at Yale School of Medicine, as per the Yale Universities statements. Moreover, Durga found stated that her work with communities with minimal healthcare resources has shown her the “dire need for better access to medical care and affordable biomedical devices.”

Durga further said that she hoped to take the advantage of the vast and growing power of molecular medicine in her work for improving the conditions of human and empowering others for pursuing their dreams. Durga Thakral is a MD/ PhD student in the Yale Geneticist Richard Lifton’s laboratory.

Moreover, it is notable that those who were selected from a pool of above fourteen hundred applicants will be receiving the tuition and stipend assistance of up to Ninety thousands US dollar in support of the graduate education in any field and in any advanced degree- granting programme in United States.

It was seen that in the year 1997, a programme was launched by the Hungarian immigrants Paul and Daisy Soros and this was help the graduate educations of the Students who were born abroad, but alter who have become the permanent residents or naturalised citizens of the United States.

Moreover, as per the statements, the each and every student should have a “demonstrated creativity, originality and initiative” in one or other aspects of life. Moreover, they should also have a “commitment and capacity for accomplishment that has required drive and sustained efforts”.

It was seen that the Durga Thakral who born in Illinois, is a daughter of Indian immigrants and earned a combined bachelor’s and master’s degree in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry from Yale University.

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