Earth is showing more quake again, researchers studying the coming instances


Beijing, China: In the recent past, from around two months before, regularly there were news about the very unusual activities on the earth, especially when anyone hears about the earth quake. During these months, the major countries have experienced big natural disasters, including Ecuador, Japan, Myanmar, Afghanistan and Indonesia. Such major disasters have also resulted in the major killings, as dozens of people killed and triggered several tsunami alerts too.

Considering the serious situations, the experts are even facing difficulties to draw their quike conclusions, however, now it was seen noted by the experts, as reported by the news agency of Xinhua, China that both the magnitudes and frequencies of the recent quakes are still “within a normal range.”

Moreover, as per the United States Geological Survey’s geophysicist- Randy Baldwin who said it is hard to judge the issue that whether the earth is experiencing another ‘seismic active period’. He also added that the strong shocks can also be experienced by the quake- prone zones from around world in the coming time, at any movement, but so far there have been no signs of connection between seismic activities in different zones.

Also, the experts pointed that the cause or the earth quakes are complicated, and also they said that the Japan’s and Indonesia’s geographic locations are sitting right on the Circum- Pacific Seismic Belt and this is the main factor behind their frequent quakes.

Moreover, as per scientists who have seen it coming early to sound the alarm against the new wave of the disastrous earthquakes, they insisted that certain ‘high risk zones’ are requiring a close watch.

It is also notable as per the researcher- Xu Xiwei from the Institute of Geology which comes under the China Earthquake Administration, who warned saying that the Qinghai- Tibet plateau in China’s southern part always has a ‘high geological activeness’ and as such it is now entering a ‘clustering period’ of massive quakes which would be above the 7.0 magnitude.

Researcher- Xu Xiwei also found stated that the researcher need also to do further studies for better understanding the seismic trends in that ‘region’.

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