Earthquake Reports: North India, Pakistan shaken with strong 6.8 magnitude earthquake; 9 in all died and some injured


New Delhi: The North Indian region where especially, Kashmir, Chandigarh and other areas were shaken with the powerful earthquake of 6.8 magnitude on Richter scale. The initial vibrations were felt in Delhi, at about 4.01 PM. It was earlier informed that the said earthquake was of 7.1 magnitude. Three persons died due to such quake, however, the number is restricted to India, but as it has also shaken the other countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan and China also.

It was seen that the six Pakistani residents were also killed due to such earthquake, in particular, in Buner and Swat areas of KP province two people were died and in Diamer area of Gilgit- Baltistan region one person died as per the authorities at National Disaster Management. Also, there are 28 persons who received injuries in the provincial capital Peshawar.

It was seen in India, the entire area from the Northern India where Haryana, Punjab, Kashmir, Leh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhad found shaken due to it.

The person from Punjab- Anudeep Goraya, who is a college teacher in Phagwara, described that the due to the vibrations, the people who were on rest as it was Sunday came out of their houses.

In Madhya Pradesh, due to the tremors, as per reports, the towns like Gwalior, Morena, Bhind and Bhopal were also shaken at actual time that was 3.59 PM.

Delhi’s Operations Head- J L Gautam for the National Centre for Seismology, said that the it was 6.8 magnitudes earthquake on the “Richter scale at a depth of 190 KM hit Hindukush Mountain region at 3.58 PM”.

Moreover, Manish Sisodia- a Deputy Chief Minister while his being at the Delhi Secretariat found tweeted after feeling the vibrations of quake, as “earthquake!!! It was really scary! I could see plants and furniture shaking at 6th floor office of Delhi secretariat. Wish all is well”.

However, as per the Police officials and also Delhi Fire Department, there was no calls or reports as to any major damage or collapse of any buildings. Notably, the IPL player Aaron Finch also tweeted the instances of evacuation in the hotel where he is staying.

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