Ebola Virus: new form of the virus cause disease in humans

United Kingdom: The Reston virus, London, is a newer member of family of Ebola Virus. This is known for circulating in pigs domestic in Asia. It acquires fewer mutations important for causing diseases in human beings. It develops onto novelled healthy threats. This is warned by scientists.

Scientists’ team from University of Kent in England in turn examined differences in between Reston Virus and Ebola Virus. Reston Virus does not cause diseases in human beings. Ebola Virus causes diseases severe in human beings. Reston Virus infects humans occasionally. This virus is presently member only of Ebola Virus family’s which have not reported as being causing diseases threatening lives in human beings.

By making use of analysis computationally of sequences of Ebola Virus genomes and predictions computationally of effect of variations of sequences on functions of viruses, researchers and scientists in turn identified differences characteristically in numbers of proteins in viruses. Fewer changes only in one protein of Ebola Virus namely VP24 is necessary and important for rendering Reston Virus onto viruses which could cause diseases in humans. This is told by senior lecturer in computational biology Mark Wass and colleagues.

Researches hereby are published in journal namely “Scientific Reports”. So there are risks that Reston Virus acquires fewer mutations important for causing human diseases and developing onto health threats novelled. This is revealed by studies.

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