Ecuador Earthquake: President Rafael Correa says not death toll is 272 and ‘it is sure to go much higher’


Quito: After a precarious earth quake hit at Ecuador, the death toll rising in the numbers and up to the current reports it is 272 people till this time died in the said disaster. The rescuers seemed still engaged in the operations and they are getting out the bodies, the survivors from the rubble. The earth quake of 7.8 magnitude hit the area strongly from Ecuador and it is one after the year 1979 was ever seen. It has hit the Ecuador’s sparsely populated fishing ports and tourist beaches, which is about 170 kilo meters northwest of Quito- the capital of the nation.

It was seen today at about 12.10 PM (IST), the president of the Ecuador- Rafael Correa found stated that the said earth quake death toll in the country has risen to at least ‘272’ and he also confirmed that it is sure to go much higher.

Rafael Correa- the President seemed visiting the areas hard hit by the quake, and he also gave the new count to the reporters early today, on Monday. However, he also expressed his concerns and said that the Ecuador will overcome the tragedy. He reached the country back at about 9.30 AM (IST).

The Ecuadorian President also said that “the pain is very large, the tragedy is very large, but we’ll find the way to move forward. If our pain is immense, still larger is the spirit of our people.”

It was reported earlier today at about 7.45 AM (IST) that the death toll due to the powerful earth quake had attained as shown to 262 peoples.

Moreover, as per the country’s Vice- Minister- Diego Fuentes the said number was given yesterday night. Also, as per the Vice- President- Jorge Glas, the number of injured people were shown to twenty- five hundreds as the earth quake shaken the country on Saturday’s (16th April’s) night.

While so, the Vice- President seen pointing that there is long list of the ‘missing people’ however, number of such missing people were not confirmed.

The country’s President- Rafael Correa who was on an overseas trip and he rushed back to his country, after such huge tragedy.

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