Ecuador faced ‘Strongest quake of 7.8 magnitude; 41 death reported with huge damage


Quito: A strong earth quake of 7.8 magnitude reported in the Ecuador and this is considered the strongest one in the decades, as it has struck off the pacific coast, yesterday on 16th April. In the numbers of the fatalities around 41 people killed and also it has caused damage near the epicentre as well as in the largest city of Guayaquil.

Moreover, the officials also found issuing the warning of tsunami in the several coastal areas of Ecuador. Rafael Correa- President also found declaring a ‘national emergency’ and also urged around 16 million people from the Andean nation to stay calm.

The Government of the Andean nation also found recommending that the residents to leave the areas nearby coast over the concerns for rising tides following the said strong earth quake.

The quake has resulted in the major disaster in the area and there are number of serious damages were seen, as per the Government, especially, in the western coastal areas.

As per Jorge Glas- the Vice President found stated that “unfortunately, up to the moment there are 41 citizens who have lost their lives.” Thus, the number of the casualties tolls have been confirmed by the Vice President- Glas. Moreover, Glas also pointed that this was the strongest quake to hit Ecuador, since from the year 1979.

Witnessing the gravity of the earth quake, the Quito- based telecommunications worker namely, Lorena Cazare aged about 36 years found stated that she was in her house and while she was watching a movie, she seen everything started to “shake”, then she ran out into the street. She also claimed that “now she don’t know what’s going to happen.”

Moreover, the news is also spread in social media with the speed, and many of the pictures are shown posted in this connection where, a collapsed bridge in the Guayaquil and a collapsed tower at the airport in the city of Manta also can be seen.

It was shown that the said earth quake struck at around 8 PM (0100 GMT) at the depth of about twenty kilometres, which is really strongest.

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