ED’s Probe in Mallya’s Money Laundering case: Enforcement Directorate claims Mallya’s passport revocation in IDBI loan case


New Delhi: On 13th April, the Enforcement Directorate- ED, finally, sought revocation of the passport of the liquor baron- Vijay Mallya in connection with the money laundering investigation in over Nine hundred crores of rupees IDBI loan fraud case. Earlier, Vijay Mallya was summoned trice but even after that he failed to appear before the Enforcement Directorate, as such present move is sought by it.

It was seen, in the last week that the businessman- Vijay Mallya in response to its summon, informed the Mumbai located Investigation Officer in the case that he will be unable to appear personally in the case, he also cited a ground of his ongoing legal battles which are pending before the honourable Apex Court of the country, he said he is going to settle down the loans taken from the banks.

Moreover, he also suggested last week to the Enforcement Directorate that, his legal team would help the investigating agency to carry on its investigation.

It was seen that the said Enforcement Directorate earlier, issued fresh summon (which was third summon in the case) where it had sought Vijay Mallya’s personal appearance on 9th day of April, however, this time also Vijay Mallya sought extension like on earlier dates i.e. on 18th day of March and 2nd day of April.

It was noted that Officials at the earlier stages already found stated to the probing agency that it is having at the most two options, in which first if the accused is skipping the personal appearance on summons, as such it has allowed already maximum time under the scheme of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act- PMLA.

Moreover, there are already other proceedings before the apex court relating to the default of the Vijay Mallya from paying the various banks loan about few thousands crores. And the Apex Court has already directed the businessman to disclose all his assets and his family assets in the country and also in abroad. Such disclosure is sought to be made by the businessman by 21st day of this April. He is reportedly in United Kingdom and he left India on 2nd day of March.

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