Egyptian Air Plane Hijack: Security forces arrested Hijacker in Cyprus

Cairo, Egypt: An Egyptian Plane which was flying to Cairo- Egyptian capital from the its port of Alexandria was hijacked on yesterday, i.e. on Tuesday by an hijacker who commandeered plane to Cyprus. He was taken to the custody after a nearly 6 hours standoff touched off by unclear motives, as stated by Officials.

Even though no full details about the incident were provided, but it was confirmed from the immediate reports that there were no instances of any injuries shown among the more than fifty- five passengers and crew on the said Egypt Air plane.

Moreover, as per the Foreign Minister of Cyprus, who found posted on Twitter that, the said hijacker was arrested. Further, as per officials at EgyptAir, they have declared an end to the hijacking, in Cairo. In the incident, it was seen that the hijacking was began during a domestic flight in Egypt and left only a handful of passengers and crew on board after the concerned hijacker seemed freeing the dozens of others after landing in Larnaca.

Moreover, it was seen earlier when president of Cyprus found stated that the Hijacking was “not something which has to do with terrorism”, however, the reasons thereon was not fully apparent.

As per the State Broadcaster of Cyprus, the Hijacker was demanding the release of Political Prisoners in Egypt. However, as per Government of Cyprus, spokesperson, who stated earlier that the Hijacker was driven by a possible failed relationship after demanding a delivery of a letter to woman who lives on the eastern Mediterranean island.

Be as it may, however, it is pertinent to note here that there was seen no reports as to injuries among those who were freed by the Hijacker.

It was further notable that the Egyptian plane was required to turn a head to Larnaca, Cyprus, as told earlier. Moreover, as per Aviation Minister of Egypt- Sherif Fathy, he said while in media reports, after an hour only, that Seven hostages including, Captain, his assistant, a security officer, flight attendant and three passenger, were held by a man (hijacker). However, he stopped himself to give further information about the passengers and their nationalities.

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